A White for Every Season

In modern fashion we see an abundance of both black and white in the garments that are being made and sold in-store. We've been brainwashed into believing that these are two universal colors that everybody can wear and yet, especially as we age, these colors can be very aging for some of us.

In the Caygill system, very few women will be given a pure white. But even you are, it may be advised that it should not be worn when tired or sick as it will only enhance that impression. So a softer version is needed. We call this your "related white".

That's because it is the shade of white that best relates to your skin as well as the whites of your eyes and the white of your teeth. Your best shade of white should not make your teeth or eyes appear yellow.

Your most harmonious white may actually be Ivory, Putty, Sand, Pearl, Oyster, or eggshell to name just a few.

Your fabric choices for your version of white will also be important -- whether you need a soft or a hard finish to your fabrics. Smooth or textured. Shiny or matte. Leather or Lace. Or some combination of some or all of these.

A dark skinned woman will wear white as her formal neutral.

Those with dark hair and pale skin (Winter types or some Vital Springs) can handle more contrast than a person with light hair and a medium contrast.

But person with a medium contrast will need to pair her white with a medium value color for an inherent look.

A woman with low contrast might choose a monochromatic outfit.

And if you are sporting white hair, it is important that you co-ordinate your white with it.

It can be fun to find your best white in accessories as well -- whether it's a strand of pearls, a purse, shoe, belt combo.

Do you know your best shade of white? Are you wearing it to match your personal contrast level? Do you know what fabrics look best for you? Experiment a little and if you find you need help, book a consult with me. When it comes to white, you'll want to get it right!

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