An Artist's Story of Her Virtual Color & Style Transformation

Updated: Jul 24

Ann is a true creative -- a beautiful artist who creates greeting cards.* When Ann first contacted me she was completely confused about her color and style. She'd had a number of virtual color analyses done and each one pointed in a different direction -- under various different systems she'd been typed as different versions of Spring, a Soft Summer, and a combination of Autumn, Spring and Summer, but none of them felt quite right. After seeing her collection of color palettes I had to agree, there were "hints" in each but none were telling her complete story.

Ann's health issues meant that she could not visit me in person, so we worked together virtually to discover the colors and style that really allow her to shine.

As I studied Ann's photos and spoke with her via video I started to get a sense of this amazing woman and the colorful & creative world she inhabited.

In the Caygill system, Ann is a “Rose Summer”,  but her unique harmony crosses over into the darker Summer palettes as well.  Her personal harmony calls for colors that range from brighter floral notes to the deeper tones of a Summer Twilight.  For those with these special harmonies we create our own names, so I chose “Elven Queen Rose Summer” as I feel it reflects both Ann's Color Palette and her Essence. .

I am always amazed how the outer color harmony of a person reflects the inner harmony — our amazing Creator makes us complete so that our beauty is truly reflected from within and without.

Here you can see Ann with her beautiful color harmony displayed in her shopping fan. Ann felt that she had finally landed with her Seasonal colors.

Ann's personal creative style included long dresses, boots and hats but she said that something didn't feel quite right -- color was part of it, but that didn't seem to be the only problem.

When it comes to style, Ann needs the soft and feminine lines of the Summer type, but with little less complexity and ornamentation.   Her focus words are: Feminine, Blended, with a touch of whimsy.

So we embarked on a virtual style session and started to make a few tweaks.

Ann was beautiful before and her style was definitely expressive of her creative personality, but in the after photo, we can see that the color, pattern, style lines and accessories are playing more of a supportive role allowing Ann to take center stage.

In the right colors and style lines, we are seen. When the color and line doesn't relate to our natural harmony, the clothes are seen first. This is so obvious in the before and after photos of Ann below.

Ann needs a touch of whimsy in her style to bring out her playful side -- her cowgirl look before was fun and playful and the colors were pretty close, but in the after we see more of Ann's inherent personality shining through.

Ann is continuing to experiment with her new colors & style but she is on her well on her way!

Are you ready for your Seasonal Color & Style Transformation? There are no stereotypes or cookie-cutter solutions here. Call or email me to discover your best colors & style.

* To purchase a set of Ann's Scripture-based greeting

cards You can message Ann on FB here.

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