And I Think To Myself, What A Colorful World

Color involves all of the senses -- sight, sound, taste, rhythm, smell, fragrance and aroma. It always tells a story. It can speak softly or loudly. Sometimes it's not so much heard as it is felt or experienced. It buries itself deep in our minds and hearts. What memory is without color?

A color can be mesmerizing, captivating, scintillating or fascinating.

Color is the universal language -- it is the natural harmony of our world. Every color comes from nature itself. Shell Pink, Carmine, Indigo, Turquoise ... even their names sing to us.

Color never leaves us untouched. Every day, whether we realize it or not, we are influenced by color. It has the power to lift our spirits, energize or calm us. It affects our appetite, our mood, and even our well-being. And yet so many people pay it very little active attention.

Yet the colors in our environment affect our productivity, our sleep, our appetite, our physical mental and emotional well-being. And the colors we wear affect how we feel about ourselves and how we relate to others and how others relate to us.

The next time you feel a strong impulse toward a color, listen to your intuition. What color do you need to support you, to energize you, to destress you, to thrill you in this moment in time? Trust your intuition.

Let color wake you up, give you energy, whet your appetite, feed your imagination, incite passion and sing you to sleep. Let it comfort and console you. Let it revitalize, quiet and heal you.

"As you begin appropriating color, remember two words, "use more." You should wear more color. Plant more color in your garden. Decorate your home with more color. Surround yourself with vital, lovely, brilliant colors that complement you and give you a lift. Make festive arrangements of flowers and fruits so that you can absorb more color. Invite color into your life and let it nourish you." --- Suzanne Caygill p. 189 Color The Essence of You

And of course you'll want to dress and surround yourself with your natural color harmony. If you need help discovering yours, I am offering a virtual color consultation. Isn't it about time you paid more attention to color?!

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