Are You Hiding Behind A Cloak of Invisibility

We've all seen these "caught on camera" photos of famous people who've somehow managed to escape their team of stylists and run loose in the real world. We cringe for them (oh gosh, imagine having a photo of yourself looking like that on display at every supermarket checkout for all the world to see) while also secretly feeling better about ourselves. They are just normal people like us, we say, while at the same time wondering why the heck they couldn't have grabbed a more flattering sweater or scarf. Have they learned nothing about style from the characters they've played? What do they do with all that money they make?

But have you ever wondered if they dress this way intentionally? To blend into the crowd. In the hopes of remaining invisible? And what does that say about our cultural dress as a whole? That this is what it takes to blend in and disappear?

What adjectives would you use to describe the outfits above? Boring, average, maybe even a little frumpy? These are intelligent, creative, beautiful women, but if we are honest, if we didn't know they were famous, we sure wouldn't see them as having star potential, would we? Not dressed like that.

Has that ever happened to you? You know you have what it takes to get the job, but the interviewer seems to be dismissing you. You have money to spend in the store, but the sales person looks right past you as if you aren't even there. Or the potential customer who takes one look a you and writes you off before you even make your pitch. It's like you are trapped behind a very presentable cloak of invisibility. It's simply impossible for people to see your potential.

Now let's look at these same women on another day when they also got caught by the camera.

Ahh, no mistaking them now for the beautiful vibrant women they are. Hair and makeup, check. Flattering color and style, check. You need to be a star to look this good-- nope, no you don't. You just need to put an outfit together thoughtfully (in your best colors & style) and give a little time and attention to your personal grooming.

Sure, it would be way easier if we'd reached our perfect weight, had a personal in-house staff and a big bank account. But that doesn't mean you have to be invisible. I'm living proof of that truth.

All it takes is an understanding of your best colors and styles and a commitment to wearing them. My job is teaching you to put together some great outfits so that it's as effortless to look your best every day as it was to wear your invisibility cloak. And of course, paying a little attention to your hair, make-up, and accessories will give the final polish to any outfit.

Are you ready to be seen and known for the intelligent, creative, and amazing woman you are? Book your color & style session today! My services are available in-person or on-line.

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