Beat The Heat: 7 Tips for Creating Cool Summer Outfits

With Summer just around the corner the challenge to look and stay cool is one we will all face. Last year's Summer Outfit Round-up was one of my most popular posts so I thought it might be time for an encore. This year I've got 7 simple tips for beating the heat this Summer.

1. Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics: Cotton, linen, silk, muslin are just a few of the natural fibers that will allow your skin to breathe and keep you much cooler than their synthetic counterparts.

2. Wear lighter colors: Now's the time to draw on your related white, your pastels, your lighter skin tones etc. since lighter colors reflect the heat rather than absorb it. Look for these colors in prints and patterns as well as solids. You might also have fun with your dramatic colors during the summer months for beach wear, casual outfits and sundresses.

3. Go with the flow: Looser fitting clothing will allow air to circulate and keep you much cooler than a snug fitting top or pant. A baggy fit doesn't work for every body type, but even just a little extra volume will help with airflow.

4. Opt for lightweight accessories: Even a simple necklace can hang hot and heavy around your neck when the heat and humidity is high. Look for tops with embellished necklines, add a brooch instead of a necklace, or keep the attention on your face with a lightweight statement earring.

5. Buy breathable footwear: There's nothing worse that hot, sweaty feet in the summer. Many of us gravitate toward sandals but if you prefer close-toed shoes than look for a pair that provide breathing room.

6. Cover your head: Whether you opt for a head scarf or a fabulous sun hat, wearing something to keep the sun off your head will help to keep you looking and feeling cool. Have a wide variety of head coverings for every activity/event you do in the summer months.

7. Add light layers: As hot as it can be outside, one must always be prepared for the shock of A/C when you step inside. Be sure to carry a lightweight layer for these transitions. A fashionable kimono, poncho, lightweight cardigan or jacket can serve to keep you from catching a chill indoors.

Of course all of the above will work best if you choose these items in your best personal colors & style. Need help? I'm offering online shopping assistance while we shelter-in-place.


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