Body Signature Series: How to Enhance A Small Bust

Most of us have one or more Body Particulars that need to be taken into account when we dress. Today I want to talk about one Body Particular (in particular), the small bust.

When it comes to bra size, women who wear AA to "small B" cup sizes are considered to have a small bust. And since a lot of women's clothing is designed for women with an average to large bust size, it can be sometimes challenging to find clothes to flatter and enhance the smaller bust. Here are some tips for dressing the small bust.

1. Choose supportive undergarments.

Just because you can get away without wearing a bra, doesn't mean you should. Even small breasts need support and finding a good-fitting bra is key. Timpa and The Little Bra Company are two great resources for finding bras especially designed for the smaller bust.

2. Pay Attention to the Details.

One way to enhance your bust is to wear tops with lots of detail. Tops with ruffles, pleats, pockets, beading or other embellishments that cover your chest area will add visual weight making your breasts look fuller.

3. Show some skin.

Depending on your personality you can create the illusion of a fuller bust by wearing an off-the-shoulder top, a deep v-neckline, a camisole with thin straps, or even by opting to draw the attention to another part of your body with a backless top or dress.

4. Choose a print or pattern.

Prints and patterns can also make the area look fuller, but be sure to choose patterns that are the right scale and design for you.

5. Wear Layers.

Building up layers is a way to add more fullness to your bust line. Put a sweater over a shirt, pair a jacket with a camisole, add a coat over a jacket and so on.

6. Add a scarf.

A scarf will cover the area and add volume while at the same time making it less obvious that you have a smaller bust.

7. Opt for Interesting Necklines

Cowl necks, off the shoulder, boat necks, curved necklines and necklines with interesting construction will all work to create the illusion of a fuller bust below.

There are so many wonderful options for enhancing your small bust I haven't even touched on them all but I'd love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments. And, as always, if you are struggling with dressing your Body particulars, I'm here to help.

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