Clarity and Grace: A Guide to Style Part 2

Yes! Clarity and Grace (Junko Shimada)

If you missed part 1 in which I shared some tips for getting clear on your personal style, you can read it here. Today we're talking about the grace of style.

I'm defining grace in your style as outfits that are elegant but not pretentious, casual but not careless, refined but not snobbish, approachable but not inappropriate, alluring but not's hitting just the right note between you and your clothing. You know you've got it when your style relates to who you are in such a way that it sings.

But it's somewhat easier to explain grace by defining what it isn't.

1. Pretentious or Lacking Authenticity:

Some women try to up their style game hoping that by wearing the latest trend or an expensive label this will automatically make them stylish. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with dressing on trend or wearing expensive brands as long as they are a reflection of who you are, otherwise you'll come off as pretentious and lacking authenticity.

Yes! Clarity & Grace

2. Lacking Originality:

Others wear graceless style, not deliberately, but because they believe that good style must be what everyone else is wearing at any given moment. They don't stop to ask if a particular trend or garment or color works for them, they just wear what is being marketed to them, what's readily available in store, what their peers are wearing. Whereas the woman with a graceful style wears a look that is all her own.

Yes! Clarity and Grace (Olga Kamova)

3. Confused and Lacking Clarity:

Still others wallow in style confusion because they are trying to navigate changes to their body or their lifestyle and they are still in the process of learning what works for them. Often as we struggle to find our personal style we learn through our fashion mis-steps. If this is you, take heart, as you gain more clarity you'll gain more grace in your style.

Yes! Clarity and Grace

4. Giving Up:

But the biggest problem is that many women simply give up on style altogether. We say things like, "Clothing isn't important to me" or "I hate clothes shopping" or "I'm not into fashion" or "I have other things I'd rather spend my money on". But we don't really mean it. I know this, because I once said all of those things. What we mean is, "it's just too hard so I may as well just give up trying to be stylish." We bow out of current fashion because we don't have an "average" figure or because all previous attempts have ended the same, with a huge sense of disappointment. So we assume that ship has sailed, that we missed the style gene and are forever doomed to be in the class of people who are appreciated for everything but their style.

Yes! Clarity & Grace

It's not fun to spend money on clothing that makes you feel bad. It's not fun to have a closet full of clothes but never find the right thing to wear. It's not fun to show up to an event and feel like you aren't dressed appropriately. And it's definitely not fun to be overlooked or dismissed or misunderstood because your clothing is sending the wrong message. This is what it means to lack grace in your style.

Yes! Clarity and Grace!

But imagine if I told you that it was possible to have both clarity and grace in your style? Yes, it takes some investment on your part, but I am living proof that it is totally worth it. You don't have to be a diva, you may never love clothes shopping, but you can find at least one outfit pairing that sings and even if that's the only song you know, it will bring joy to you and to those around you. It starts with getting clear on your color, energy, Seasonal reference, body signature, personal expression, lifestyle and message . Once you have clarity, you will be ready to step into the grace of your personal style.

Say "yes" to Clarity & Grace. It's not a destination, it's a journey. But you'll be amazed at the difference it makes! Contact me and let's get you started!


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