Create a Stylish Outfit with Split-Complementary Colors

Split-complementary color schemes are somewhat similar to the complementary color schemes that we talked about here. To create a split-complement, select a single color on the color wheel, and then look across to it's complement, but instead of using the complementary color, select the colors on either side of the complement. (Are you still with me? The image below should help.)

In the color wheel above you can see that the complement of Red-Orange is Blue-Green and the split complement is Blue and Green. Let's see how this looks out in an outfit.

The split-complement of red-orange is blue and green

Here are a few more examples of split-complement color combinations:

An outfit in a split-complementary color-scheme can be a little overpowering for most people and is often reserved for athletic uniforms or swimwear. But if worn in your Seasonal Colors and in the right proportions it can make for a really interesting and stylish outfit.

The same rules we looked at for wearing complementary outfits apply here.

1. Choose split-complementary colors of varying tints, tones and shades.

The colors can be tinted with white or shaded with black or mixed with another color altogether to create various tints, tones and shades. All of these mixes will affect a color and thereby modify its relationship with its split-complement to one that feels more harmonious.

2. Visual proportions also affect color relationships. When choosing your main color, opt to wear one or both of the split complementary colors as accents.

Men can easily create split complement outfits with a tie and pocket square (as shown by Color Consultant Darren Chapell) and this is a great rule to follow for women as well -- choose your main color and add the split complementary colors in a scarf and shoe, for example

3. Fabric, texture and pattern will also affect color relationships.

4. Split-Complementary Colors in the Shades and Contrast Levels that match your Inherent Seasonal Harmony will be the most attractive on you. Choose from your version of each of the colors and you'll find a combination that is not only harmonious with one another, but harmonious with you as well.

So have a little fun using your Seasonal Colors to create an outfit in a split-complementary harmony and let me know how it goes.

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