Five Style Influencers who Model a "Winter" Style

In the Caygill Seasonal Color theory, the style recommendation for a woman who is a "Winter" type is described as needing "line and ampleness of design". It is often expressed through clothing that is crystalline, elegant, luxurious, mysterious, refined, regal, serene, soft, striking, stunning, suave or vivid. Yes ,Winter style can be casual and grounded, romantic, sporty, or playful, but always in tandem with one of these other descriptors.

There are five style influencers who I believe personify the Winter style. I've no idea if any of these women have had a Caygill color analysis done but I've been following these five for awhile now because I am so impressed with their visual harmony. They may stretch the limit of what they could/should wear in terms of color or style, but they always manage to maintain an authentic expression of themselves through the clothes they model.

Annette Höldrich, 57, lives in southern Upper Bavaria and defines her style as “elegance currently interpreted, not age-related, but ageless". She showcases her style on her blog, Lady of Style. Her clothing has a tailored, refined look (even in her more casual pieces) that is well put together and timeless. A great example of a relaxed Winter lifestyle. Beautifully executed, Annette!

Beata @thevogue_dus

Beata @thevogue_dus looks like she stepped out of the pages of a Vogue magazine. Trendy, striking and elegant she personifies the Classic Winter style and wears her neutral combinations beautifully. But she also knows how to add that pop of color and tie it in through her accessories. Word has it that she's working on a new blog. We can't wait to see more from you, Beata!

Patricia Pastor @justalpatri, from Bristol describes her style as something between classic and casual. She likes wearing versatile and comfortable clothes, mainly in neutrals with a pop of bright color or animal print. A little bit tomboy but with a rock style edge. Rock on, Patricia!

Martina Berg, Lady50plus, prefers classic, elegant clothes. She also loves a chic, casual, even sporty look and enjoys adding a touch of extravagance to an outfit. Her creative, colorful and sometimes dramatic approach to the Winter style is a delight. Keep leading the way, Martina!

Füsun, Short Stories & Skirts, enjoys being surrounded by and wearing beautiful things. Styles & looks are her kind of communication, an expression of her femininity, a way to find, lose and rediscover herself. We're glad to have found you too, Fusun.

Do you relate to any of these "Winter" styles? How do you express your version of Winter?

Are you familiar with other style influencers who reference a "Winter" style? Be sure to share your favorites in the comments below.

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