Getting Creative With Thrift Store Sweater Finds

Finding ready-made sweaters that match both your seasonal color & style (as well as fitting and flattering your body signature) can be challenging.

But you can always tweak a thrift store find or even a store-bought sweater to create a unique one-of-a-kind treasure for your wardrobe.

Start by finding a cardigan or pull-over in one of your best colors. It's okay if it's a little too plain-jane for you, so long as it's a flattering fit.

A super-simple update is just to change out the buttons on a cardigan to make them more reflective of your style (you might even buy another cheap item of clothing just to salvage some fabulous buttons).

Crocheted & fabric hearts and flowers can be added to any fine-knit sweater to create a soft and feminine feel.

Or you can add some bling to a simple sweater by applying studs, pearls, or sequins.

Trimming a basic sweater or cardigan with feathers, fur, or fringe is a simple style update.

And if a sweater is a great fit except for the length, you can always add lace or fabric to the hem to extend it.

Cecilia , a fellow stylist, took a long cardigan that was ready for the donate pile and had it hemmed, then she added vintage buttons and trim to create a sweater she loves.

So make a list of your favorite sweater elements and designs and visit your local thrift and fabric stores for everything you need to transform an ordinary sweater or cardigan into something truly extraordinary for your Seasonal Style!

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

P.S. If you want more ideas for Thrift store transformations check out this post

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