How To Add A Summer Serenity To Your Home

In addition to using a person's Seasonal Type as a guide for dressing, Suzanne Caygill believed that one's Seasonal Color & Style could also be used as a guide to create a supportive home environment. She believed that those who have a Summer color harmony would favor surroundings that reflect the grace and fluidity of more elegant periods.

Some will be drawn to curved stairways, high ceilings or Corinthian Columns.

Others may favor Tudor, English or Georgian style.

Still others will be drawn to Modern Colonial or Victorian decor.

And some summers prefer a minimalist, zen retreat style based on an adaptation of Japanese design.

Many Summer type personalities are drawn to the craftsmanship of the past and, even when choosing modern interiors, give careful attention and care to design details

Fluid and curving lines are essential for the Summer home.

Cold and Sterile surfaces should be avoided when creating a supportive environment for a Summer type.

The colors of blues, violets, rose, wine reds, taupe, rosy brown and deep soft purples blend well with polished mahoganies, cherrywood, and soft walnuts.

Soft fabrics and colors paired with pickled woods will appeal to fair haired summers.

Summer personalities often designate a room or space in a room for a library, study, art studio, sewing room or another room reflective of their personal gifts and desired area of retreat.

Many Summer types are collectors. China teacups and figurines, commemorative plates or tin containers, antiques, spoons, vintage brooches, leather bound books, miniatures, dolls or animals or other collectibles of a personal interest.

Some Summer homes have sentimental touches such as displaying family photos and heirlooms.

Formality and elegance is natural to many Summer women and a table setting with fine china and beautiful glassware will suit them well.

Overall, a Summer home should reflect the luxury of flower gardens in bloom, the quietude of lakes, mountains, and trees in Summer.

Anyone might choose to create a Summer Style Home, but those who are of the Summer type will feel most at home there.

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