How To Add An Autumn Richness To Your Home

In addition to using a person's Seasonal Type as a guide for dressing, Suzanne Caygill believed that one's Seasonal Color & Style could also be used as a guide to create a supportive home environment. She believed that Autumn personalities are more likely to respond to interiors that reflect something of the forest or the earth.

Autumn interiors should convey the warmth and richness of the Season. This might be expressed through leather or suede furnishings, tapestries, and wood paneling.

Terra Cotta and Moroccan Tile, Wood, Stone, Oriental Carpets, Sisal, Furs and Cowhide are some of the wonderful floor coverings that will add richness and warmth to the Autumn Home.

Massive Stone Fireplaces and Rustic Elements ooze an Autumnal Vibe.

Inspiration can be taken from the Italian, Portuguese and English Charles II, as well as some English Country and Chinese Modern styles.

Modern day rustic farmhouse or industrial decor may also appeal to the Autumn Type.

For the table setting, Amber or Green Glassware; Copper, gold or brass metals; patterned china in leaf or geometric designs, or handmade pottery; woven or tapestry placemats and centerpieces created from nature will all enrich the Autumn table.

Anyone might choose to create an Autumn Style Home, but those who are of the Autumn type will feel most at home there.

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