How To Add Spring Simplicity To Your Home

In addition to using a person's Seasonal Type as a guide for dressing, Suzanne Caygill believed that one's Seasonal Color & Style could also be used as a guide to create a supportive home environment. In describing interiors that would be effective for the Spring type, she recommended periods and designs that reflect simplicity, informality and ease of lifestyle.

Some Spring Types may be drawn to rustic & primitive furnishings such as would have been seen in the countryside with straight chairs and large harvest tables, earthenware and simple chests and sideboards.

Or homes reflective of the seaside cottages on the shorelines of the Pacific. Or simple furnishings such as might be found in the mountain homes in Switzerland.

Some Springs may favor the rolling lines of French Provincial furnishings or the more robust line of the English Country style. Both lend a sense of elegance but with more ease and comfort.

Or a Spring home might be filled with the patchwork quilts, braided rugs, and tin buckets of flowers reminiscent of the American heritage.

The use of English blue willow in brightly lit kitchens may be equally attractive to Springs.

Primitive home decor from any cultural background may appeal to the Spring type because of its' easy informality and comfortable style of living.

Or contemporary decor featuring bright colors with a touch of whimsy can support other Spring types.

And still other Springs will be drawn to the formality of Louis XV and XVI with it's gold leaf, crystal, and colors of delicate pinks, blues. Gilt edged mirrors, and Venetian crystal lighting would adorn the rooms, tea roses would replace the wild flowers.

Spring types often feel at home in Pennsylvania Dutch or Swedish style settings or Victorian, with a light touch. They may also make use of art or fabrics from Impressionist artists such as Monet.

Overall, Springs have a need and appreciation for comfort without ostentation. They also love the freedom of easy transitions between indoor/outdoor living.

Anyone may choose to create a Spring Home, but the Spring Type will be most at home there.

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