How To Add Winter Beauty To Your Home

In addition to using a person's Seasonal Type as a guide for dressing, Suzanne Caygill believed that one's Seasonal Color & Style could also be used as a guide to create a supportive home environment. She wrote that "a need for simplicity and elegance, and a great feeling of space is a keynote for interiors that reflect the personality of those with high contrast coloring". At the same time, she felt the Winter Type's eclectic design sensibility serves to allow more individuality than any one specific style period.

Some Winters will be drawn to the direct, controlled line of contemporary furnishings & art. The use of neutrals (gray, putty, white, black) and modern materials like chrome and lucite mixing with polished woods will create a clean, minimalist affect.

Some will desire arresting color harmonies. The use of emerald, jade, royal blues and purples, crimson reds and black as well as silver, crystal and glass can all contribute a sense of drama to a space.

Marble, crystal, geometric shapes, global influences, and regal rectangular dining tables provide visual impact and a sense of drama as well.

These same Winter qualities of design might as easily be applied to a beach house or a ski chalet.

Some Winters may be drawn to a Global style.

Or Farmhouse Glam

Suzanne believed it was not possible to cross the barriers between regal and primitive design, for example, in the same room or home. So it is best if only one expression of style is applied to your home. Another expression could be saved for a future home.

Anyone may choose to create a Winter Home, but the Winter Type will be most at home there.

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