How To Choose Sunglasses That Harmonize With You

When it comes to shopping for a pair of sunglasses that harmonize perfectly with you, there are a three things to keep in mind. 

#1. Choose a Shape that Harmonizes with Your Face:

The top of your sunglasses should relate to the shape of your brow line even if you choose a larger pair that sits above your brow.

The bottom of your frame should relate to the shape of your chin  (Rectangle frames are great on someone with a straight chin).

And the side of the frame should  relate to the side of your face or the shape of your eye. 

#2.  Choose a Frame Color That Harmonizes with Your Inherent Coloring.


The color of your frames should relate to either your hair, your eyes, or your skin.


If you've had a Seasonal Color Analysis you can also safely choose from any of the colors on your palette including your metals. 

#3. Choose Sunglasses That Harmonize with Your Personality. 


The weight of the frames should relate to the weight of your personality. 


Other ways to express your personality are adding sparkle or other embellishment; frame and glass color combination; and the size of your frames.


And remember, when it comes to choosing Sunglasses, it's safety first. If purchasing non-prescription sunglasses, check for a tag or sticker that verifies the lenses block 100 percent UV rays.  This can help protect your eyes from risk of serious conditions that can affect your long-term vision and eye health.

And if you are shopping for prescription sunglasses, take a look at regular eyeglass frames too as many of those can easily be converted to sunglasses.  This will provide you with a much wider selection of options. 


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