How to Create a Stylish Outfit with Running Shoes

With a growing desire for more "comfortable" footwear, running shoes continue to evolve from athletic use to everyday wear. If you love the comfort of a running shoe but don't know how to pair them with your non-athletic outfits, this blog post is for you.

1. Match the color of your running shoe, sneaker or tennis shoe to your hair and/or your top or jacket to draw the eye from the shoe back up to your face.

2. Make sure that the style of the runner relates to the style of your outfit.

A sportier running shoe will work well with a t-shirt dress

And as always, be sure to choose styles and colors that match your Seasonal and personal style.

Show some skin when wearing your runners for a more modern look & feel

With so many options available in-store and online you have no excuse for not having a comfortable & stylish running shoe to pair with your favorite outfits!

So, what about you? How do you get your sneakers on? If you need help combining stylish outfits with comfortable footwear check out my shopping and style services.

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