How to Create An Outfit Using a Neutral Harmony

In popular fashion terminology, neutrals were initially defined as those colors not appearing on the color wheel -- Black, White, Gray and Brown.

What, navy is not a neutral? I know, I was shocked too because that is a color we've learned to use as a neutral in our wardrobe. And, depending on your personal Seasonal Color Harmony, you may have some alternate colors that serve as a neutral for your wardrobe as well. But in this post we will just focus on the 4 colors that don't appear on the color wheel.

The most common neutral harmony is one that is paired with white:

Black and White
Gray and White
Brown and White

But pairing black with brown or gray can also be quite stunning.

Black and Brown

Black and Gray

Brown and gray can make a beautiful combination as well.

Brown and Gray

And, of course, you can even mix three or four neutrals together. As you can see, a neutral harmony doesn't have to be boring.

Mixing 3 neutrals

If you have neutral colored hair, eyes and skin then a neutral harmony could be a beautiful reflection of your inherent coloring. Remember to use textures, patterns and prints to add interest to your neutral outfit .

For those of us with colored hair, eyes and skin, we'll need to create our visually harmonious neutral harmony by wearing the non-traditional neutrals in our palette (Blues or Greens to name a few).

What's your favorite way to wear your neutrals?

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