How To Dress For Your Next Zoom Meeting

News Anchor Shannon Bream looks fabulous in her dramatic color

With Shelter-In-Place orders being extended for some and working-from-home becoming the norm for many, there's lots of advice being given about what you should wear on a Zoom call to make a good impression.

News Anchors can be a great example of what works and what doesn't work when you are being viewed from the waist up on camera.

All eyes are on Tamron Hall wearing her eye color


Choose a solid color that relates to your personal color harmony:

Remember, the goal is for people to focus on YOU, not your outfit. Repeating your eye color or wearing your dramatic color are a couple of good choices. Neutrals that relate to your hair color will be a good choice as well.

Martha McCallum

Blue, Purple and Green are all good color choices as these all show up well on screen. Be sure that the particular shade you select supports your personal color harmony.

Jenna Lee looks stunning in this turquoise textured jacket


Wear Busy Prints. Avoid anything that will strobe on screen, like stripes, herringbone or tiny busy prints. This will be distracting for others and will focus attention on your clothing rather than on you. If you want to wear a print, a tonal print will work better.


Wear white or black – these colors don’t always allow the camera to capture the natural curves of the human form, potentially turning you into a blob of color. Both black and white can cast unwanted shadows making you look more tired and drawn and can even age you.

Also, double check any reds or pastels on your camera before committing to them as both can show up on-screen looking very different than they do in person.

Sandra Smith looks polished


Wear a professional fabric. Crepe, matte jersey, silk, and polyester will all look good on camera. If your hair or skin are textured then a slightly textured jacket or top could work for you.

Don't: Wear satin or shiny silk that will catch the light as you move as this can be very distracting and draw the eye away from you and potentially highlight areas you'd rather not. Also avoid clothing that is faded, pilled, or stretched. Clothing should be fitted but not too tight fitting or too loose.

Sara Donchey's blue top stands out just enough from the background to create a pleasing connection between the two


Co-ordinate your clothing with your background. But remember there needs to be enough contrast between your outfit and your background to ensure that it doesn't disappear.

Don't :

Wear the exact same color as your background. If the color between yourself and your background is indistinguishable you'll end up looking like a floating head.

Both the color & style of this jacket relate to Martha McCallum


Wear an open neckline. A scoop neck, v-neck, or boat neck are all good options. Open collared blouses or jackets work well too.


Wear a plunging neckline or tight fitting top. This may get ratings but it is not where you want folks to be focusing during a business call.


Choose clothing details or accessories that are too distracting.


Choose subtle details and accessories that bring attention to your face. Pay special attention to your choice of earrings.


Take time to style your hair and put on some make-up.

And remember, the most flattering close-up will be either just above your breast line or just above your waistline -- be careful to avoid having the camera focused mid-breast.

If you need more help getting dressed for an important zoom call, book a virtual style session with me because it's never too late to make a great impression!

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