How To Put Together A Casual Holiday Outfit

It's that time of year again when you need to plan your holiday outfits. Last year I provided a simple recipe for stylish party outfits which you may want to follow if you have some fancy parties to attend.

But many of my clients have shared that what they really struggle with is putting together a stylish casual holiday outfit for those festive gatherings with neighbors, close friends or family.

So here are a few tips that give you that extra special holiday vibe while still be cozy and comfortable.

1. Opt for a Festive Color:

It could be your best version of red or green but your casual outfit will automatically hit a more festive note if you are decked out in holiday colors.

2. Add some Sparkle:

If your best personal colors simply don't look very festive consider wearing something in your metallic colors instead. Every tree needs some tinsel and every party needs a few guests who shine too. A sequined tank paired with jeans and a casual blazer will keep you from feeling both under and overdressed.

3. Fluffy Textures Are Fun: Whether it's Faux Fur or Feathers, a trimmed vest or jacket will serve you well from Thanksgiving through New Year's.

Mathilde's fur vest takes a casual jeans & t-shirt outfit and adds some subtle holiday pizzaz

3. Choose luxury fabrics such as cashmere or velvet to elevate an otherwise casual outfit combination.

4. Red and Green Tartan check off all the boxes for a casual party outfit.

5. And of course you can always opt for the traditional Christmas sweater worn in a non-traditional way.

I hope these ladies have inspired you to get creative with your casual holiday outfits. Please share your favorites in the comment section below.

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