How To Wear An Analogous Color Scheme

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Analogous colors are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. The word ‘analogous’ is defined as two things with a similar function or feature that are comparable to one another. When three shades are side by side on the colour wheel, they are known as analogous colours, like red, orange and yellow, for example. Red and Yellow together create orange so the three colors are related and create a natural harmony.

If you took the color wheel and translated it into outfits, an analogous color scheme might look something like this.

This combination of colors can give a similar effect to monochromatic depending on the colors chosen. Note how the warm hues appear exciting and stimulating whereas the cool hues tend to appear more subtle and quiet.

Inspiration for an analogous outfit is easily found in nature.

We can find analogous color combinations in the feathers of a bird or a flower, the sunrise or sunset. Once you start looking for them, you'll find analogous color combinations everywhere in nature. Save photos of your favorites to inspire you as you put your outfits together.

When putting together an Analogous outfit, let one color take the lead, and give the others supporting roles.

The most pleasing analogous outfits are those that feature one dominant color, a second to support and the third color is used as an accent.

An easy formula is the 60-30-10 rule, which is used to ensure a visually appealing balance. Your main color should make up 60% of your outfit. Your second color is 30% of the outfit and then add the third color makes up the final 10% of the outfit.

Analogous outfits are harmonious in and of themselves but they work best when the colors are similar in intensity and are harmonious with the woman wearing them.

Match your personal energy, coloring and contrast for the most harmonious combinations.

Analogous color schemes can also come pre-made in Prints and Patterns.

Plaids, florals, stripes and geometric designs in analogous color schemes make putting together an analogous outfit almost fool proof. Just make sure that both the design and the color combination harmonizes with you.

By choosing colors from your personal Seasonal Color Harmony your outfit will not only be harmonious within itself, but it will also be harmonious with you.

So what's your favorite analogous color combination to wear?

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