How To Wear Your Formal Neutral

There are 4 neutrals(basics) on your Seasonal Color Palette. These act as background colors for your coloring.  Wearing Neutrals effectively demands an attention to detail and a balance of line and texture. Neutrals have the lowest key of your colors and work well as basics in your wardrobe.  The first neutral (basic) is your most formal color.

Let's look at some of the wardrobe basics you might choose in your formal neutral color.

1. A Dress Coat: Make sure that the cut of the coat and length is flattering to your body signature. Pay close attention to details such as fabric, buttons, collar shapes, trim, pockets, belts etc. to ensure that they support your Seasonal Line-of-Design.

2. Shoes & Accessories:

Your formal neutral will be a good choice for dress shoes or boots, a briefcase or purse as well as accessories such as a belt, tights, gloves or evening bag.

3. A Business Suit:

When your formal neutral is worn in business attire, it will give you an air of authority.

4. A "Little Black Dress":

Your formal neutral is the perfect choice for your version of a 'little black dress'. This should be a dress you can dress up or down as the occasion demands and it should pair easily with your other wardrobe staples

5. A formal evening gown:

You will also look very striking in an evening gown in your formal neutral. Here it will be critical to get the fabric choice right. Your Seasonal type and personality will determine if that might be velvet, chiffon, taffeta, sequined, or metallic fabric.

6. Dressed Down:

If you want to wear your formal neutral color in a way that's a little less formal, consider wearing it in a textured leather or denim jean, athletic pant or other casual fabric, pattern, or style.

Do you know what color is your best formal neutral? Spoiler alert, it may not be black. Book a Seasonal Color Consultation with me to discover the colors that harmonize with you.

Have you had your colors done but still struggle to understand how to wear them? Book a Style appointment with me and we'll show you how to wear your colors to flatter your body signature and seasonal line of design.

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