Refashion a t-shirt into a top that suits you to a "T"

So many times I've heard clients say that they can't find clothing in their color and style and it's doubly challenging now that shopping is limited to the internet. But one area where most have success is finding t-shirts in their colors. So I thought I'd share a few ideas for taking those plain t-shirts to create really interesting additions to your wardrobe.

1. One of the easiest ways is to purchase fabric appliques or embellishments and stitch them on to the sleeve or neckline of a plain t-shirt.

Of course you'll want to start with the neckline that is most flattering for you. But almost instantly a plain t-shirt is elevated to an artful tee.

Or you might opt to add some trim or fabric at the hem instead. This is a great way to lengthen a t-shirt that feels a little short for you.

Add some interest to the back of your t-shirt with an embroidered embellishment, a crocheted doily (or your own crochet) or even some lace and bows. This is a great way to leave a lasting impression behind you.

If a t-shirt feels a little too snug, you can give yourself some breathing room by adding a decorative side gusset with lace or fabric. Pretty and practical.

You can pretty up any t-shirt with a bow. Use store-bought ribbon or salvage the fabric from a matching tee to turn into a fabric bow.

And for those of you with some hand-embroidery skills or an embroidery machine, you can create a wearable work of art with your needle and thread.

If you're looking for something super casual, tie dye is an easy way to add some fun and flair to an old white tee in colors to match your palette. There are lots of tutorials on the internet and even a package of Kool-aid can serve as your dye or for a more organic option you could experiment with vegetable dyes.

So many t-shirt companies will do custom printing with a print or wording of your choice on a t-shirt color & style of your choice. This is a great way to match your color and your personal expression in the same t-shirt. Or you can use a photo-transfer kit to print your own image on your printer and transfer it to the t-shirt of your choice.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. So why wear just a boring old t-shirt when you could create something that would suit you to a "T".

Joan Kosmachuk

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