Shades of Blue: Tips for understanding what each hue does for you.

I'm singing the blues

Most of us have at least one color (or two ) that we know we can wear well in almost any hue, provided the color quality matches our Seasonal harmony. One of my colors is blue and the quality of my blues need to be clear or tinted with white.

Your versatile color may not be blue and your color harmony may be toned or muted or pure etc., but the principles I'm sharing can be applied to any color that appears multiple times in your Seasonal color palette.

Blue is a color I wear well. But not all shades of blue are created equal in terms of the effect they have on me when I wear them. Each one serves a different purpose for me and understanding their different effects allows me to make these various shades of blue work for me.

The deepest shade of blue I can wear is a bright navy. This shade of blue is neutralized on me, so it works as a neutral basic in my wardrobe for both formal and casual wear.

In contrast to the navy, a delphinium blue is an "actively colorful" shade of blue on me. This is a color that can both give me energy and sometimes takes energy to wear. It's one of my dramatic or "look at me" colors.

I love the vibrancy of delphinium blue as it relates to my color harmony. I feel truly alive when I wear this color. But I wouldn't wear this shade of blue if I wanted to blend into the background because it is simply not possible for me to disappear into a crowd when I am wearing it.

A combination of different shades of blue in a playful style also creates a sense of casual energy & movement.

And of course, a lighter blue takes on a whole different feel when paired with another color. Here the coral trim with the blue and white stripe gives a refreshing look to this softer shade of blue.

When I wear a pastel shade of blue, the effect is even softer, quieter. This blue is not announcing my presence in the same way as the delphinium blue. But it's not as neutralized as the navy blue either. It's just a nice easy shade for me to wear.

I've been drawn to my blues a lot lately. Blue is thought to evoke feelings of calmness and spirituality as well as security and trust. Seeing the color blue causes the body to create chemicals that are calming. In the midst of all the current chaos, blue is good for my mindset and I think as I interact with others it helps them to feel calmer too.

So as you can see, the various shades of blue I can wear as well as fabric, style and other color combinations all play a key factor in how each shade of blue interacts with me and the message it sends to others.

Before I choose one of my blue hues to wear I ask myself what is the impression I want to create or I might even think about what shade of blue I need to support me in my activities for the day.

It's possible that you don't have any blue in your palette at all, but perhaps you can wear many different shades of the color green or purple or olive or maroon or brown....

Do you know how each shade of this color works on you and for you? Why not test them out and see what you discover about the affect each hue has on you.

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