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Lisa Gaines with Paula Ausano from Ruby Ribbon

At this year's annual Color Designer's International Conference I had the privilege of meeting Paula Ausano and getting introduced to a new line of Shapewear. While I have my share of Spanx on hand for special occasions, I don't find it comfortable enough for everyday wear. So as you can imagine, I had a few questions for Paula. I thought I'd share our conversation:

Joan: Isn't all shape wear the same? What's so different about Ruby Ribbons?

Paula: Ruby Ribbon’s shapewear is unique in many ways. Ruby Ribbon’s intimate apparel is made of a variable compression which means that it moves with your body to provide a gentle hug while smoothing and shaping you. It is uniquely adaptable to a woman’s ever changing body. Our signature pieces are our Camis and Demiettes where you can replace your bra. Our 360 degree stretch provides a frictionless fit for every shape and size, whether you’re a A/B cup or H/J. Breasts change size and shape with hormonal fluctuations. Ruby Ribbon cami cups mold to you for a perfect fit every day.

Joan: Whoa, wait a minute, are you telling me it's really possible to wear your Camis and Demiettes without a bra?

Paula: Absolutely! Our Camis and Demiettes ban the uniboob look as they have molded cups. There are no underwires with our Camis and Demiettes, yet a women is lifted and separated . Camis don’t ride up, but stay put with our invisible gripper edge. Camis come with Adjustable straps that eliminates back flaps and bra bulge so you have a finished, smooth look in your clothes.

Joan: How would I know what size I should order?

Paula: All of our camis and demiettes are sized by your bandwidth. Therefore, if you are a size 36 C, you would wear a size 36 Cami or demiette. We offer light support and full support camis. The light support camis are for women with a bandwidth of 32 – 40, B or C cups. The Full Support are for women whose bandwidth is 32 – 50 with a C cup or larger. We have our original design, which is a tank neckline, our Sheer collection, which is a V neck, and our Lace collection where the neck line is between the tank and v neck.

We offer a variety of other shaping solutions for women including Briefs, High Waist Thigh Slimmers, Slips, Strapless Camis and Slips, Torsettes, Boy Shorts and a Full Body Shaper.

The sizing for the booty bottoms and slips range in size from XS – XXL. Perfect for any size women who wants the sculpted, smooth and lifted look while still being completely comfortable.

Joan: Paula, you keep emphasizing the comfort factor. I hate anything that's too tight around my body. And when I wear my spanx I dread having to go to the bathroom -- it's such a chore to get in/out of it. How different is the fit and feel of your Shapewear?

Paula: Ruby Ribbon’s shapewear is supportive without feeling constricted. It is part of a women’s wardrobe and can be worn daily, not just for a special occasion. Our Briefs easily pull down, yet when on, they provide a tummy tuck and give a slight lift to your bottom. They don’t flatten you, but shape you. Our Boy Shorts and Thigh Slimmers also pull down. Our Full Body Shaper has an opening to avoid having to pull down the garment.

Joan: It seems rather cruel that the time in our life when we need shape wear the most coincides with the time in our life we have hot flashes -- I just hate how hot I get in shape wear.

Paula: I hear you. But Ruby Ribbon’s high grade lycra fabric is a wicking fabric that keeps women cool and dry. Heat is not held in and perspiration is wicked away from the body.

Joan: Wow, you've overcome almost every objection I've had about shape wear. The last one is this. Most shape wear is pretty boring. Do you really have shapewear that is also pretty, even sexy?

Paula: Ruby Ribbon’s shapewear is beautiful. We offer a variety of colors and styles that range from sporty to sexy.

Well, Paula, you've provided a lot of information for myself and my readers to think about. Any parting words ?

Paula: Just remember, Shapewear doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. It is key part of a women’s wardrobe and can be worn daily, not just for the special occasion. When you look good in your clothes, you will feel more confident.

Well, my friends, it looks like the world of shape wear is shaping up to be a little more comfortable and sexy than you may have thought. Now that you've got the inside scoop on Ruby Ribbon shapewear, I know Paula would be happy to hook you up and/or answer any additional questions. You can check out the website here.

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