Six Must-Have Shoes For Your Summer Wardrobe

A question I am often asked is "how many shoes do I need in my wardrobe?" The answer is different for everyone, but the key is to have enough shoes to support your current lifestyle and all the activities that may entail. Here are the general categories to consider as you build your shoe wardrobe for the summer months.

1. A dressy shoe:

Whether it's a summer party, a wedding, or some other special occasion to be celebrated, a pretty sandal, flat or pump is an important summer wardrobe staple to have on hand. With a growing number of low-heeled, even orthotic-friendly options, there's no reason you can't find a pair of dressy summer shoes to have at the ready. One comfortable shoe in this category will suffice but if you purchase only one pair make sure they will go with any color in your wardrobe. A pair in your skin tone, your hair color, or a shimmery metallic will provide the most versatile options.

2. Slip on Sandals

Whether you wear them as a pair of indoor/outdoor slippers for the warmer months or as your go-to shoe for shopping, socializing or traveling, a pair of slip-on sandals (or 3) will be a very versatile addition to your Summer shoe wardrobe. They can take you to the beach, the backyard swimming pool, or your local cafe. Dress them up or down, this is a fun shoe to purchase in any color on your palette.

3. A casual shoe

Need a summer shoe for the office? Prefer not to show your toes? An espadrille, loafer or ballet flat (or one of each) are all good options for a Summer shoe that's not too stuffy. Look for these in your related white, casual neutral or a pastel -- keep them light or bright and fun.

4 & 5. Sneakers and Tennies:

Everyone needs at least one pair of sneakers for the summer months. This could be a proper running shoe if you will be jogging/walking or getting back to your local gym. But you'll also want a pair of slip-on or lace-up lightweight tennies to wear around home or out for errands etc. There are so many wonderful styles and colors to choose from and with many stores providing free shipping and returns, you won't even need to leave home to stock up on this basic shoe.

6. Special Activity Shoes:

This is an optional shoe but if you enjoy any summer activities that require specialize footwear then you'll need to add these to your basic shoe wardrobe. A water shoe, hiking shoe, gardening clogs or deck shoes are just some of the speciality footwear that you might need to add to your wardrobe.

Do you have at least one pair of shoes in each of these categories as part of your basic shoe wardrobe? Or do you often find yourself scrambling to find the appropriate shoes to suit the occasion or activity? If the latter is true of you, it's time to start shopping for the footwear you need.

Our feet carry us where we need to go, support us through all our varied activities, and help us to dance the night away. Be sure you treat them with the love and respect they deserve.

If your footwear is worn, uncomfortable, out of style, or not in your best style and colors, then watch for the sales and replace one pair at a time until you have a Summer shoe wardrobe that truly reflects you and your lifestyle.

Your shoes send a message whether you are aware of it or not. The right footwear can really pull your outfit together and let others know who you are. What are your summer shoes saying for you?

Joan Kosmachuk

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