The Art of Color Wearing and Pairing and an Invitation to Join " The Color Fan Club".

Such a creative use of pastels using fabrics and textures for added interest

Discovering the colors that best harmonize with you is just the beginning of the Seasonal Color & Style journey. Next you need to learn how to shop for them, wear them and pair them.

Unfortunately, for most of us, this is not something that comes naturally. We have a tendency to wear our colors in the same way over and over again, often buying them in the same fabrics and pairing them with the same accessories. We make our purchases without taking the time to pay attention to the many possibilities our colors afford us.

Some women love wearing their skin tone and others do not -- the difference most likely lies in whether or not you know how to wear it, what other colors to pair it with, and what fabrics or styles you need to purchase it in, as well as when wearing it will serve you best.

Do you know how to enhance your eye color? When and how to use this color on your palette to appear more credible and trustworthy? What to pair it with?

Many of my clients have been asking me for some kind of ongoing instruction where they could learn more about how to wear & pair their colors as well as many other things color & style related.

Well, I'm excited to announce the upcoming launch of my new, members only, "Color Fan Club". This is an online paid membership that will give you access to a monthly instructional video & downloadable resources to help you become more adept at shopping for, wearing and pairing your colors to create fabulous outfits that allow you to be seen for the beautiful woman you are. There's also monthly bonuses and you'll have unlimited access to all of the material for as long as your membership remains active.

You can join for a month at a time or save 15% by purchasing an annual membership. You'll be notified at the beginning of each month when a new instructional video goes live and you can watch it at your leisure as many times as you like during your membership period. There will be opportunity for you to ask me questions via the comment section and to share and receive help from other members as well. And there will also be fabulous downloads & surprise bonuses each month. You won't believe the awesome things I have planned to share with you.

"The Color Fan Club" is perfect for everyone who has had a Caygill Seasonal Color analysis done and wants to gain a deeper understanding of how to use your colors and style to create amazing outfits that harmonize with you.

So...what are you waiting for? Oh, right, where do you sign up? Click here to head on over to the "Color Fan Club" . The official launch is May 1st but if you purchase your membership beforehand you'll be able to access the May content immediately.

Oh my gosh, this is going to be so much fun. Can't wait to see you there, don't be late!!!

Joan Kosmachuk

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