The Power of Visual Harmony

The other day I was working with a client who is struggling with feeling frumpy and invisible and I could totally relate to what she was going through because it wasn't too many years ago that I was feeling exactly the same way. Menopausal weight gain and some of the other joys of aging had changed my body in ways that horrified me and left me scrambling to find clothes that worked.

I turned to style books and store clerks for advice and spent a lot of money buying the latest trends only to feel tremendous disappointment when I caught myself in the mirror and/or felt invisible in a crowd. And then I had a Seasonal Color Analysis and everything changed.

I learned about the power of Visual Harmony -- the remarkable physical, emotional and psychological alignment of a person with their clothing. When it is achieved, visual harmony expresses the unique person from soul to sole. 

My Spring Energy was dampened by the grayed sweater and long scarf combo I wore (left)before having my colors done

I began discovering what it meant to dress in my inherent color harmony and seasonal line-of design. I also learned how to dress to flatter my body signature. And it made a remarkable difference in how I felt about myself, and how others perceived me.

A sales person told me the blue on the left was perfect for me -- it was not!

But I also recognized how powerful it is to allow the world to see ME. To be fully aligned from the inside out allows others to gain a sense of who I am before I even open my mouth. Could wearing the right colors and styles really make that much of a difference? I wasn't buying more expensive clothes, I actually stopped fighting the white hairs, I just started choosing the colors and styles that allowed me to be seen.

I thought black was chic and slimming -- but oh my, it does nothing for me!

When I wear my best colors I am seen. When I wear colors that have nothing to do with me, the clothes get all the attention and I get lost. I realize now that is the main reason I felt so invisible. And I learned something else too -- that while some traditional style advice is helpful, so much of it is aimed at changing how you look, rather than enhancing who you were created to be.

I also learned how to wear my colors to affect how others viewed me -- what color would make me look more credible, more approachable, more authoritative, more passionate, more dramatic? Could color really do all that? It really can.

This grayed green would look fabulous on someone -- it just doesn't connect to my Spring Energy

As you can see from these before and after photos there's been no remarkable weight loss, I am actually younger in the before shots, and the "after" shots are are not re-touched or professional photos. But I look and feel better than I have in decades. Total strangers have stopped me in the street to tell me how fabulous I look. And I am only too happy to share my secret.

Which version of me do you find more approachable?

It's become my passion to help other women discover their best colors and style so that they too can shine their brightest. I love to see women become fully seen in all their inherent color and energy.

It's a myth that everyone can wear black and white (and yup, I did my husband's colors too!)

​Visual harmony attracts. Whether you are dressing to speak to thousands or just to speak to a single client, people will be drawn to you when you are wearing the right colors, styles and accessories. 

​The power of visual harmony changed my life and I know it can change yours too!

It's never too late to look your best self. And yes, I promise this will work for you, because everyone of us can be the best version of ourselves. You might just need someone like me to show you the big reveal.

Why not book a Complete Visual Harmony Transformation with me and let 2020 be your year to Shine!

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