The Secret To Creating A Life Filled With Beauty

Updated: Sep 2

"Beauty feeds the soul, wakens it, and brings it to life as nothing else can. Beauty is a deep-seated reaction to some meaningful and stunning presentation of life. It stops you and gives you an instant promise of pleasure… If you miss it, it is like going without food."

— Dark Nights of the Soul: A Guide to Finding Your Way Through Life's Ordeals. Thomas Moore.

This quote by Moore resonates with me. Beauty in nature, art, color, craftsmanship, fabric, texture, music, writing, or people, feeds my soul as nothing else can. I seek to surround myself with beautiful things on a daily basis and when I am fatigued, overwhelmed, or discouraged, I purposely seek out beautiful places and things to feast my eyes upon. With everything going on in our world these days, I think it is so important to find the beauty in the everyday and to intentionally surround yourself with it. Here's how you can do this.

  1. Create beauty in your home.

Whether you fill a room with beautiful color, art, textiles, plants, or furnishings or you declutter it to add more space and light, you can intentionally bring beauty to your everyday living spaces. Think about ways that you can make your every day living environment more beautiful.

2. Create beautiful things.

Whether it's planting a garden, arranging flowers in a vase, knitting or crocheting or sewing or weaving or spinning or painting or making pottery...there are so many ways you can make beautiful things. Or perhaps your gift is to make beautiful music, or movement through dance, or create beautiful images and stories with your words.

3. Create beautiful rituals for your everyday tasks.

Whether it's cooking a meal, baking bread, washing dishes or doing the laundry, cleaning your home or weeding your garden, look for ways to see or bring beauty into it. By working with beautiful tools, listening to beautiful music or story, adding beautiful scents or sharing the tasks with beautiful people, there are many ways to turn each of those routine tasks into a beautiful ritual.

4. Create beautiful relationships.

Start by appreciating the beauty in others whether that's your own partner, your children or a neighbor or friend. Then think about how you can nurture each of these relationships. There is so much beauty in love and friendship.

6. Create a more beautiful version of yourself.

Not by trying to change who you are, but by becoming the very best of who you are. That's the real art of Seasonal Color & Style -- it's about discovering your unique beauty, the colors and shapes and energy that make up the amazing woman you are. My clients are amazed at how just the smallest adjustments in their understanding of color & style helps them to express their beauty so much more fully. And the members of my Color Fan Club are learning how to use the colors on their palette & their seasonal style to enhance their message and their expression of themselves in the world. So beautiful.

How do you feed your soul with beauty?


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