The Story of A Sophisticated Spring

Updated: Oct 6

When Jennifer approached me about getting a virtual color analysis done, she had already had several and wasn't confident in the results. She is a style influencer, so she doesn't want to be limited by color in her style choices and ultimately will wear whatever colors she likes, but she said she was still very curious to know what her best colors might be.

As with all my virtual clients, I requested clear, accurate photos of her face as well as a close up of her eye. She completed my extensive questionnaire and we had a zoom call so I could get a good sense of her energy and movement. Then I picked up my color swatches and began working to discover the quality of color that flatters her best and the specific colors that relate to her inherent color harmony.

In the Caygill system, Jennifer is most like a “Floral Spring”. This is a Spring with pinker skin who wears cooler colors, than other Springs. But to truly encapsulate her full range of colors, her energy, and her style essence I gave her palette the name, “Sophisticated Spring.”

Jennifer is dominantly cool and neutral with a little warmth. She is low-medium contrast. And her colors are middle value, clear or milky.

Her classic (and casual) style has an elevated simplicity, with a touch of lighthearted piquancy.

In cool, clear, tinted colors Jennifer really takes center stage. Buoyancy in the fabrics and proportions also connect to her Spring energy.

Some of the colors in Jennifer's palette are softer and milkier, but they still allow her to be the star of her outfit.

These are the colors I believe are the most reflective of Jennifer's inherent color harmony. Spruce Green, Marine Navy, Delph Blue, Putty, and Angora white are her supportive neutrals. Celadon brightens her eye and aids in her communication. Soft Apricot and Coral Blush and Pink Coral brighten and enhance her skintones and help her to appear more approachable, while Crabapple red is sexy and passionate. High shades of Viola and Dusty Green Teal create a dramatic effect while Aquamarine lowers her vibration. China Blue and Soft Lavender are other actively colorful colors on Jennifer. Cool metals like silver, white gold and platinum are ideal for Jennifer's cooler coloring. The palette does not include every color she could wear, but rather highlights the color quality, value and specific colors that are her very best and will create visual harmony between herself and her clothing.

Some people ask, "isn't a color palette limiting?" Well, the goal of Seasonal Color Analysis is not to tell you what you “can’t wear” but rather to reveal your inherent color harmony as well as the colors that best harmonize with you. Having a fabric palette of your best colors is like shopping with a trusted friend -- it affirms whether a particular color you are considering will harmonize with you or not.

So, what about you? Do you know your best colors? Want to find out?

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