What Is Your Inherent Visual Impression?

All of us (whether we are aware of it or not) create a Visual Impression based on our Body Signature, Coloring, and Personal Energy. This contributes significantly to the "First Impression" that people have upon meeting you.

Visual Impression is High Energy, Sweet and Approachable

This young woman on the left, for example, comes across as having high energy or intensity, she also appears young, sweet, easy-going and approachable.

By contrast, the young woman below comes across as having a quieter energy/lower intensity. She appears soft and sweet, but not quite as easygoing or approachable.

Visual Impression is Soft, Sweet, a Little Aloof

Our visual impression is created by the value of our coloring, the contrast between our skin, hair and eyes, our bone structure and facial features and our general demeanor.

The Visual Impression is one of a Natural, Carefree Innocence

Here's another curly redhead (left) but you can see that her softer coloring and freckles, produce a very different Visual Impression than the redhead above. The impression here is one of a more medium intensity, natural, carefree, perhaps even innocent.

By contrast, the woman below has a dramatic intensity. She appears distant and unapproachable.

The Visual Impression is one of High Intensity, Drama!

The Visual Impression is one of fun-loving approachability.

Even as we age and our skin, hair and eye color lightens, our visual impression will most likely remain the same. Do you appear to be higher energy, fun-loving and approachable like Paula Deen (left).

Or do you come across as having a quieter energy, more reserved, and just a little aloof like the woman below?

The Visual Impression is one of Quiet Reserve.

The Visual Impression is one of Sweet Innocence.

The woman on the left appears sweet, approachable and even innocent despite her mature age.

Whereas Carmen Dell’Orefice (below) has an intense dramatic appearance that makes her seem less approachable.

The Visual Impression is one of Dramatic Intensity!

Did you know that your Visual Impression may be different than your actual personality or your self-perception? Do you know what your VISUAL IMPRESSION is? How do you appear to others? If you aren't sure, ask a few friends (or better yet strangers) to give you their take on your Inherent Visual Impression.

And stay tuned next week when we'll talk about how you can support or alter your Visual Impression through your Color & Style choices.


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