Seasonal Style Services

Seasonal Color & Style Services that free you to be seen for the beautiful woman you are!   

At it's best, your Seasonal Style reflects your soul. 

Body Signature

We will identify the shape of your body's framework and any other unique characteristics found in your body and face. I will identify the specific fabrics, styles and design elements that will support your body's framework, your personality and your current lifestyle. ​

Wardrobe Alignment

Armed with your color and style guidelines I can help you to re-organize your closet and create a look book of outfits that reflect your Seasonal Color & Style. In this session (up to 3 hours) in your home, we will also identify any missing items needed for a fully functioning wardrobe. Isn't it about time your closet started serving you?

Shopping Assistance

It can take some time to feel confident in your new style & colors.  If you need more help, this step is for you. We'll meet at a local department store to test out your colors and line of design in new clothes. No store purchase necessary but you may find a few new pieces you simply cannot live without. 

Virtual Style Assistance

Submit an unlimited number of photos of yourself in clothing and/or accessories for our review and feedback focused on your Color Harmony, Seasonal Line-of-Design and Body Signature. Make sure your outfits are as fabulous as you are.   

The Complete Visual Harmony Transformation

Your Three Month Transformation includes

A complete Seasonal Color Analysis & Your Seasonal Connection. From her color lab of thousands of colors, Joan will determine your best colors and identify your personal connection to the seasons. 


Your Personal Framable Color Palette. This is a beautiful hand-made fabric color palette created of your best personal colors and suitable for framing.

PLUS Your Personal Shopping Fan. Built from your personal color palette this will be a wonderful tool for shopping for your best colors.

Your Body Signature. You'll get practical information for how to choose specific garments that will work for your unique body shape.

Your Seasonal Line-of-Design. We'll be able to explore the lines-of- design that will be most flattering for you. We’ll look at clothing, shoes and accessories. At it's best, your seasonal style reflects your soul. 

A Customized Wardrobe List. A comprehensive and personalized list of what your need to build your perfect wardrobe.

A Pinterest Board. Filled with over 100 inspirational images selected specifically for you.  

A Personal Visual Harmony Manifesto. This is your personal guide to your Visual Harmony Transformation.  We'll identify which of the 7 Universal styles best match your personality and lifestyle and create a manifesto that will sum up and be your guide to everything we are recommending for you.

A Personal Closet Alignment. We'll spend  up to 3 hours going through your closet and making sure that every item and accessory aligns with your Visual Harmony Manifesto. Recommendations will also be given for organizing your clothing and accessories. 

Two Guided Shopping Trips (focusing on Color and Style). These will be opportunities for you to learn how to shop using your color fan and to pay attention to your Body Signature/Seasonal Line-of-Design recommendations. Purchases are optional (and not included).

Recommendations for Hair Styles & Eye glasses. These recommendations will be highlighted in your Visual Harmony Manifesto.

A Personal Look Book of Outfits we put together for you from your Closet. An in-person session up to 2 hours during which we play with your existing wardrobe and any new additions you may purchase. 

PLUS three months of Virtual Style Assistance. Submit  photos of yourself in clothing and/or accessories for our review and feedback focused on your Color Harmony, Seasonal Line-of-Design and Body Signature. Make sure your outfits are as fabulous as you are. (This alone is a 600.00 value but it's yours for free during your three month Transformation!) 

Plus three months of email access to Joan to have all your color & style questions answered. ​

Joan Kosmachuk

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